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Sometimes conjunctivitis, dermatitis of minipress nipples, urticaria and cheilitis can also be symptoms of atopic dermatitis. In very serious cases, long-term periods of exacerbations, when the patient is being treated with various hormonal agents for a long time, a serious disease can occur - hypocorticism (oppression of adrenal function), which is accompanied by constant fatigue, weight loss, hypotension, symptoms of low stomach acid, hypoglycemia (blood glucose - norm).

One of the characteristic symptoms of the disease is thickening of the skin, as well as an increase in the skin pattern, the skin color on the eyelids becomes darker, cracks appear on the skin. And there are also a number of symptoms that sometimes accompany atopic dermatitis: Symptom of doubling the fold of the lower eyelid. Insignificant infiltration and hyperemia of the foot, cracks, peeling. Nails lose their longitudinal striation, so the appearance of the nail becomes as if polished. Thinning hair in the occipital region of prazosin pills, partial or complete disappearance of hair on the eyebrows. Treatment of atopic dermatitis.

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Common methods of complex therapy for dermatitis include: Taking antihistamines (allergy pills), these drugs only help relieve itching, as one of the symptoms of atopic dermatitis - these are Claritin, Suprastin, Cetrin, Zirtek, Telfast. If possible, avoid contact with the allergen, eliminate its effect.

Diet food - hypoallergenic diet It is very important to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract with detoxifying agents such as Polyphepan, Polysorb, Enterosgel, Filtrum STI, activated charcoal, etc.

Very often, during an exacerbation, doctors prescribe hormonal creams and ointments for dermatitis, such as Elocom, Akriderm, Celestoderm, etc. Their effectiveness is beyond doubt, they very quickly have an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, but their long-term use is very dangerous, about the potential harm to hormonal health ointments, as well as a complete list of all topical corticosteroids can be found in our article Ointments for psoriasis - hormonal and non-hormonal.

There is a very wide choice of such creams and ointments, read more about their use in our articles Atopic dermatitis in children and ointments for dermatitis. These include - Protopic, Elidel, Eplan, Fenistil, Losterin, Timogen cream, Naftaderm, Videstim, Destin, Aisida, etc. (see treatment of dermatitis on the hands). Antiseptics and antimicrobial ointments.

Outpatient Surgery

To treat foci of inflammation, in order to prevent infection, antiseptics are used - Green Brilliant Solution, Fukartsin, Methylene Blue. When a secondary infection is attached, the doctor prescribes local antimicrobial ointments, such as Lincomycin ointment, Erythromycin ointment, Celestoderm with Garamycin, as well as oral antibiotics - Rovamycin, Doxycycline, Sumamed, Zitrolide, Erythromycin, etc. only as directed by a doctor.

Often, the development of dermatitis is associated with intestinal dysbacteriosis, so taking various probiotics is also advisable - RioFlora Immunno, Bifidobacterin, Linex, Primadophilus, Lactobacterin, Acipol, etc. (see the list of dietary supplements and probiotic preparations, Linex analogues). A possible additional cause of such dermatitis and dysbacteriosis may be a violation of digestion, namely the function of the pancreas (Pancreatitis - symptoms, treatment), while enzyme preparations such as Pancreatin, Creon, Mezim are prescribed.


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Treatment of fungal diseases. Also, fungal agents can attach to the affected areas of the skin, which are treated with local antimycotic agents and antifungal drugs in tablets. Since the onset of the disease depends on the psychosomatic state of a person, his nervous system, sedatives such as Novopassit, Persen, Glycine, Valerian, Motherwort, etc. can also be shown. Treatment of herpetic infection.

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  • Treatment of dysbacteriosis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.